Test Kodak Tablet 10: It Is Chosen Above All For Its Honest Value For Money

Offering acceptable comfort, this 10-inch Kodak model is only 130 euros. The disappointment comes mainly from an unreadable screen in full light. If Kodak is well known in the world of photography, it is more surprising to see the brand offer tablets. And yet, this is the case with this 10-inch Android model designed by Archos. The price is attractive (129 euros) and we will see if the performance is at the rendezvous.

Since Kodak evokes the photo, see the possibilities in this area of the Tablet 10. It includes sensors 2-megapixel front and 8 megapixel rear. Looking closely, we see that the pictures lack details and are too smooth. But without zooming, the image is rather pleasing to the eye both outdoors and indoors. She even manages to not be too dark in low light but becomes a little blurry. On the other hand, we were disappointed by the 1080p videos that suffer from a problem of color balance, a lack of detail and fluctuations in the image. To prescribe as a camcorder.

The Screen Is Not Bright Enough

With the 10.1-inch screen of the Kodak tablet, we are very far from the very high definition since we must be content with 1280 x 800 pixels, an insufficient value. But where the disappointment settles is when we see that the screen is really not bright with only 214 cd / m², which compromises use in bright light, for example outdoors. Small consolation, the IPS panel offers wide viewing angles and the contrast ratio is rather satisfactory (1050: 1).

On the design side, we can not say that the Kodak / Archos tandem has done a lot of work. The black plastic case is not very beautiful and is bulky with gaps of 1 to 2 cm between the screen and the edges. The only advantage is to be able to hold the tablet without accidentally touching the touch screen.

By removing a plastic hatch, we discover the micro SD card reader, but also two slots for mini SIM cards. Thus, the tablet can serve as a very large smartphone and allow surfing the web without the need to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot. Too bad the device only works 3G.

Comfortable Internal Memory For Storage

The Tablet 10 runs Android 7.0 without overlay and we enjoyed the smooth flow of navigation in the interface and apps. It ships a MediaTek MT8321 processor (four cores, 1.3 GHz), only 1 GB of RAM, but 32 GB of internal memory, including 24 GB available to the user. A comfortable configuration to refuel apps but not enough power to enjoy the latest 3D games, unless to lower the level of detail. And if there is not enough storage space, the tablet accepts microSD memory cards and USB Host dongles.

Average Endurance

The endurance and the tablet of Kodak get mixed results during our tests with an average score for playing videos (8 h 21 min) and a correct score in multipurpose use (8 h 57 min), even if other models happily exceed 10 hours. Travelers who love film will have to plan to bring the AC adapter in their luggage.

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