Getting Started With The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3: A Jewel That Will Be Waiting

We had the opportunity to put our hands on the recently announced Mi Mix 3, the latest high-end mobile Xiaomi. The small tour of the owner …

Formalized just a few weeks ago in China, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 has quickly crossed the borders to let itself be taken in hand by us. And as much write that the new ultra-high-end mobile Chinese manufacturer has some interesting arguments to make.

On paper first, the Mi Mix 3 has nothing to envy the competition. Equipped with a 6.4-inch Oled screen, a double photo module on the back, a Snapdragon 845 and 10 (ten!) GB of RAM, the phone is a real race beast and offers a virtual experience irreproachable. During the short time that we spent in his company, the device answered the finger and the eye. It must be said that with such a large amount of RAM, the opposite would have been embarrassing. Moreover, one would almost wonder if the 10 GB is really necessary when you observe that the OnePlus is as good with 6 or 8 GB. Fortunately, intermediate versions with 6 or 8 GB will also be available.

The Delight Of The Backstage

In the great tradition of Xiaomi, the Mi Mix 3 is impeccably built with a ceramic back of the most beautiful effect and slightly curved edges that lend it a very pleasant grip. From the front, the impression of not taking much more than a screen is impressive. However, the phone will not appeal to lovers of compact devices, since with its 6.4 inches diagonally, the slab is unusable to one hand. But the phone is not only big, but it is also quite thick since it takes place to house the famous sliding mechanism.

Yes, instead of housing the camera in a notch, Xiaomi decided to hide it behind the screen, like Oppo with its Find X. But unlike the mobile Oppo, no motorized mechanism here: it is by lowering the screen manually that we discover the picture set. The mechanism is reminiscent of the golden age of LG Chocolate et al., The gesture is as “classy” as at the time and it is accompanied by a small music and a click sound and satisfactory.

Beyond the nostalgia, this mechanism leaves however circumspect. Admittedly, it is preferable to the motorized model of Find X since it can not be blocked by a software bug, but the problem of dirt that can lodge in the interstices remains. Second small problem: if you have a habit of putting your little finger on the lower edge when you hold your phone, you will not be able to unsheathe the camera, unless you change your decision. Logical, but regrettable.

Not Un Europe Before Early 2019

The photo, let’s talk about it … The model we had in our hands is not the one that is destined for Europe. But even with a different treatment, the double module of Mi MIx 3 we pretty much bluffed with a good dose of detail, a nice light management, and unbeatable capture speed. The two modules at the front capture flattering selfies, but the excessive smoothing reminds us that we are in front of a phone destined for the Chinese market.

In summary, this Xiaomi Mi Mix seems to be a very interesting mobile with a lot of potentials, even if one asks to see what the retractable mechanism will give in the long run. New less pleasant, the Mi Mix 3 will not arrive in Europe before early 2019, a minimum of three long months after its announcement in China. Faced with the wave of news that will not hesitate to present Samsung, Huawei, and others in the meantime, we are not sure that the Mi Mix 3 still holds the distance at that time. See you in 2019 to find out more.

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