Honor Magic 2: A Private Smartphone From Europe “Because Of The RGPD”

During a meeting in Paris with James Zou, Honor’s international sales manager, we went back to the reasons for the lack of marketing of Honor Magic 2 in Europe.

Two years after releasing the Magic “first of the name”, Honor has set the stage by unveiling his successor a few weeks ago. Just like the first model, the Magic 2 puts everything on its embedded “artificial intelligence”. And just like the first model, the phone will not be available in Europe. In fact, this second information is more or less the consequence of the first.

We indeed had the opportunity to get our hands on the device and talk with James Zou, international sales manager at Honor, who told us a little more about this Magic 2. The phone and his retractable camera (in the manner of Mi Mix 3) is a beautiful object, well finished and with a screen Oled 6.4 inches of quality. The quality of the photos, as far as we could see, is at the level of the current competition. But then, why Honor does he deprive himself of releasing such a product in France?

Well, it’s not at the hardware level that the rub, but rather the software side. The phone that presents itself as an AI-doped personal assistant must necessarily suck up a good deal of the user’s information, and in post-RGPD Europe, it’s hard to do for Honor, according to the confidences from James Zou. According to the manager, to offer the same level of service to Chinese consumers, it would be necessary to thoroughly review confidentiality agreements, how the data is processed and stored. A legal gymnastics that the company does not have a priori desire to operate. RGPD, but not that

Yet it is not impossible. Google proved it with the integration of Google Assistant on Android. The research giant’s AI is clearly greedy for personal data and has not been banned from the Old Continent. Honor may not be Google, but with the means of Huawei in support, hard to imagine that the problem could not be solved with millions of euros.
But where Google has years of historical data on most of its users, Honor actually has very little. And we understand better why the brand did not want to make huge efforts to release his smartphone in Europe. Not to mention that the Magic 2 ecosystem of services is built around Chinese services, imposing its mobile on the Western market would have required linking other partnerships with local players. The RGPD is surely not the only reason why the new mobile manufacturer avoids Europe. To know what Honor has in stock for European consumers, it will be necessary to wait until the end of the year and the presentation of View 20.

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